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International Nanny Association 2023 Nanny Of The Year - Angela Johnson Sutherland

Angela Johnson-Sutherland Wins Nanny of the Year 2023

April 25, 2023, via the International Nanny Association

Angela Johnson-Sutherland has been honored with the to be named the 2023 international Nanny Association Nanny of The Year™. 

Angela has been a driving force within the childcare industry as a mentor to nannies around the world and as a New Parent Educator. 

She has a heart to serve New Parents and help them navigate their way through their first year of parenting. If you are looking for an educator and consultant who can help you grow as a parent, Angela Johnson-Sutherland has the experience, skills, and comes highly recommended. 

What Is A New Parent Educator?

As a new parent, you’re constantly bombarded by advice from family members and friends. You don’t have time to sort through all of the conflicting information about what’s best for your new born child or how to handle the tough situations that will come over the first year.

Ask The Nanny provides an online platform that helps parents learn about parenting so they can make better decisions and get more sleep!

Ask The Nanny provides expert insight on everything from breastfeeding vs formula feeding, potty training tips, sleep training techniques and more! We even provide private online consultations and training to help you keep your life organized with your newborn or toddler.

Why Do I Need A New Parent Educator?

Parenting is hard and can be even harder when no one has ever told you the right things to do. It’s like learning a new language without anyone telling you the rules!

You have to make decisions about sleep training, feeding schedules, diapering methods, discipline styles, and more. Parenting isn’t easy. And if you don’t figure it out quickly enough… it can be downright painful!

I get that there are plenty of articles, books, and other resources out there about parenting but they all fall short in one way – they don’t tell you everything you need to know as a new parent. 

They don’t provide the breadth of information needed to help your baby grow into an independent toddler who can sleep through the night, eat solid foods without gagging and communicate their needs effectively. 

That’s why I created The New Parent Education program at Ask The Nanny because I realized that every new parent needs personalized support when raising their new born children especially in the first year. 


Sounds Great. Why Should I Trust You?

Glad you Asked! Meet The Nanny.

Hi! My name is Angela Johnson Sutherland. I have worked with children and parents in various ways for over 40 years.

I have been a Preschool Teacher, Speech and Motor Clinician, Playgroup Director, Child Development Instructor, Home Daycare Owner, Church Nursery Director, Parenting Coach, and Nanny, to name a few.

Most recently, I have been serving as a Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Educator, and a New Parent Educator.

What Others Say About Ask The Nanny

"I am going to be a first time mom and these videos give me confidence for my life after baby. Thank you."

"I'm expecting my first child and I just stumbled across your account. I feel I'll learn a lot from you. Thank you."

"First time mom here and I love all your tips! Super helpful since I have to limit outside contact cause of Covid so my help is limited."

"You need a nanny team! It should be mandatory to take your classes."

"I am having my first in August! Love your videos! I wish you could just come live with me for a while!! 😂. "

"I'm a FTM of a 2 week old and have really benefited from your videos! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU."

"This saved my life tonight! My 12 week old who isn't usually fussy was having an awful night. I decided to try this and got 3 burps out! 😨 "
"I would hire you on the spot. You seem so caring and patient. 🥺 ❤️ "

"I've used your tips so many times, thank you so much!"

"You look like you give the best hugs."

"I'll be a first time momma in September and all of your advice has made me feel so much better about having our little boy!!! So helpful."
"I feel like any child that has been nannied by you is extremely blessed. I can see your caring energy."

"Thank you for all the tips. I just had my first baby and it's been difficult with no support during the pandemic."

"Wow!!! I didn't know that! I never would have thought I was doing it wrong all along. THANK YOU NANNY!! You're my favorite TikToker now!❤️ 🙌🏾 "

"I'm a ftm (First Time Mom) and you have been so incredibly helpful with all the random things I would have never known 🥰 "

How I Help


Each week I host a Facebook Live Experience. I interview experienced nannies, health care experts and more to educate and prepare parents and the nanny community.


Ask The Nanny understands that education and preparation go hand in hand. I don't just educate you and leave you hanging, I help you prepare for challenges so you can be successful.


Are you a New Parent? Ask the Nanny is highly sought after for Consulting and Mentorship. I can serve you at a higher level through my new parent consulting and mentorship programs.


Did somebody say fun?!? Our retreats and Socials are not only educational, motivational, and inspirational... they are fun! See for yourself why parents love our retreats.

Ask the Nanny Strives to Bring Out the Best in You!

I have been called “The Third Parent,” “The Baby Whisperer,” “The Twin Guru,” and my favorite – “A Blessing To Our Family” by 99.9% of the families I have worked with.

Over the past 20 years countless clients have sent me updates on their children’s progress and have thanked me for the firm foundation I helped them establish. 

How can I be a blessing to your family? Contact me today to learn more!

Nanny Jamboree Sensory Workshop | Ask The Nanny Services

Ask The Nanny TikTok Community Education

Join My Community Of 128,000+ on TikTok To Watch My Short New Parent Educational Videos Like The Ones Sampled Below

Ask The Nanny Sunday Social Event

Business Networking

Ask The Nanny has built a large global network working with nannies, child care workers, and parents. Joining our network has opened up many doors of opportunity for nannies just like you to grow their business.

Ask The Nanny at Nanny Jamboree in Vancouver Canada

Professional Development

Ask The Nanny knows the value of Personal Development for Nannies. Personal Development can change the trajectory of your career as a nanny. Join us to learn how a positive mindset can change your life!

Ask The Nanny at Nannypalooza Conference - Ask The Nanny Business Strategies

Marketing Training

Ask The Nanny knows that being a successful nanny requires more than networking and development. We teach you how to market your nanny services or agency so you can reach your target market.

Ask The Nanny Portfolio and Resume Training

Portfolios & Resumes

Ask The Nanny believes all nannies should present themselves to clients with the utmost professionalism. Parents are looking for the best child care for their children. We train nannies how to present themselves as the perfect choice.

"Yes, ask Angela, she is amazing! Any time I have come to her she is so easy to talk to, I don’t feel the shame of “you should have known this already” and she never makes me feel like any question I have is dumb. She is very humble and it makes me very comfortable talking to her! She helped me revise my contract to make it more clear and clean cut/professional, I just appreciate her a lot!"

We are excited to announce the release of Ask The Nanny’s Recipe’s Galore Cook Book authored by our very own Nanny, Angela Johnson! 

You will find quick, tasty, easy meals to prepare for your family. Perfect meals for families on the go, quick meals for kids, regular meals for picky taste buds, and variety so your family never gets bored.

Angela Johnson Sutherland, Founder of Ask The Nanny, was recently a panelist on EduTalk Show for Little Millennium Vastral – Ahmedabad.

Experts and parents discuss coping with children’s emotions during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Experts give advice and coping tip to help ease frustrations during the pandemic.

Angela Johnson Of Ask The Nanny Featured In A Timely Article On Race by D Magazine

On June 6, as the country reeled from the murder of George Floyd, Stephanie Bauchum decided the time was finally right to share her experiences with racism in the childcare industry. Bauchum, a professional nanny and founder of lifestyle and apparel brand Nanny Tees, invited eight other Black nannies across the U.S. to participate in a live panel discussion on her Nanny Tees Facebook page. Read More

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