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Ask The Nanny Launches New Website

Angela Johnson Sutherland is proud to announce the launch of her new website Ask The Nanny.

Ask The Nanny is a global community for nannies, childcare workers, birth care workers, and parents. The website was created to share Angela’s 40+ years of wisdom and experience gained through working in the childcare industry.

There is a lot to know when working with children and new parents. Ask The Nanny has the information you need to excel in your career or as a new parent. You can catch Angela on the road at various industry events, as well as events, retreats, meetups, socials and workshops hosted and presented by Ask The Nanny.

If you are looking to grow your career in the childcare field, Angela’s years of experience and service to the greater nanny community have made her indispensable in the industry. She is the Director of Nanny Services for the US Nanny Association and a regular and featured contributor to Nanny Magazine. She has spoken internationally at Nanny Conferences such as Nannypalooza and more. You can also catch her every Monday night on her Ask The Nanny Facebook Live Podcast.

We look forward to sharing tips, news, and information regarding the Nanny Industry as well as information for parents and more. Share us with your friends who work in childcare, your friends who are parents, and let us help you grow as individuals.

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